Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Marvellous Melrose Meme Present!

I had a lovely surprise the other day ... my meme present from Derrick of Melrose Musings! (This was a fun meme where the first five people to comment on Derrick's post would receive a present specially made, just for them, by Derrick himself).

You can imagine my nexcitement when I found a parcel addressed to me, just outside the secret portal behind the cacti!
I carried it safely back through the portal into Giraffe World, and rushed home to Necky Knoll House. What could it be?

Maureen and the family all watched as I opened the cardboard tube ...
There inside was an exquisitely beautiful image of Melrose Abbey, photographed and manipulated by Derrick into a lovely pastel range of colours!

"Pink!" squealed Necky Becky and Nexi simultaneously.
"How atmospheric and serene!" sighed Maureen.
As I held up the picture, I realized that there was not only one present, but two! Underneath was a print of the original photograph Derrick had taken of the Abbey ... wonderful!

We lost no time in getting both pictures framed, so we could hang them on our walls! You can see them both here in the frames made for us by Gaffer Giraffter of Our Neck of the Woods Timber.

As they were my present, I chose the room. "Definitely the sitting room, where they will be most seen and appreciated by us and all our guests!" I said.

As a family we thought we'd try different placings near our fireplace.

Maureen, Littl' Nicky and I all agreed that they looked best hung one-over-the-other next to the fireplace.

My sister Nektareeni and Girth preferred them one on either side.

Nexi, of course, had to reorganize everything ... She took the mirror from above the fireplace and repositioned it upright on the wall next to the fire. (So she could get a full view of herself - I'm sure she managed to stretch the mirror, it wasn't that big before!)

Necky Becky stated that we could have the original photograph over the fire, but she wanted the pink and pastel one for her attic room ...

Help me, dear bloggy friends!

Where do you think these lovely pictures look best?

And Derrick, a most hearty THANK YOU from all of us at Necky Knoll House!