Sunday, 21 April 2013

Necktune's Chariot!

This has been a thrilling week for our Giraffe World Tours business! We have dramatically increased the scope of our outings ... Not only do we still have our lovely blue bus, we have just acquired a new vehicle for underwater nexpeditions - Necktune's Chariot!
The above drawing by Nexi shows us setting off on our inaugural ride. The sub has long retractable legs, which are so useful for setting off on the beach and getting into the shallow water. Once in the deep ocean we can submerge and look at the above-sea views through our long giraffe-neck periscopes. The round port-hole windows allow us to observe the sea-life.
Fortunately I am not expected to sail Necktune's Chariot! We have a new member of staff at Giraffe World Tours - Captain Gurgle. I took this photo of him through my telescope, (he is a little camera-shy).
However, when it comes to singing shanties, all bashfulness departs! Get him in the Gleeful & Greedy on an evening, and he'll entertain the whole village ... Here are the lyrics of his favourite song about his favourite brew - tea.

(My dear bloggy friend and poet, Poetikat, recently asked if there were many poets in Giraffe World. I know Captain Gurgle wouldn't consider his shanties to be poetry - but they're certainly fun to sing!)
Who'd like to join us on our underwater adventures?