Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mug Monday!

The Weaver of Grass and Acornmoon are hosting 'Mug Monday', and I thought I would join in. There's nothing I like better than a nice mug of hot tea while I read the Neckelchester News!

As you can see, our mugs in Giraffe World are ergonomically designed to suit our long necks - just like the head-rests in the motoring magazine the giraffe above is reading.
Our surface designs range from classic giraffe-markings, usually in orange, or blue ...
... to the more elaborate, as in Captain Gurgle's mug, above.
Camelopardalian mugs go back in our history. In the picture above, two lady giraffes are daintily sipping from elegant mugs.

We also have some quaint customs dating from ancient times. The above snapshot shows a giraffe practising the old habit of throwing the dregs of one's tea over a companion - believed to condition our fur and add to it's lustre.

Weaver of Grass mentioned that we could include a 'Country Living' style picture in our mug post - so here's one of the dresser in our kitchen at Necky Knoll House!
I hope you have enjoyed our Giraffe World mugs - I'm looking forward to seeing the other participants' mugs later today!