Sunday, 21 April 2013

Springtime in Knollshire

Dear Bloggy Friends, you are highly favoured! Necky Becky, our oft-times grumpy daughter is in a good mood, and has decided, (nay - demanded!), that I should share with you one of our favourite spring walks.

I'll let her speak:

"This is our best view of Knollshire up here. You can even see our Necky Knoll House with the garden round it. There's my Dad's vegetable garden too. (He doesn't do much work in it though). Me 'n' Hals are on our favourite knoll. Old Gnarly the gardener says there's supposed to be a secret portal to another world called planet Earth, somewhere round here!"
Necky Becky never minds the rain. We had a few late April showers today, but she still insisted we go on our walk with Hals, posting a letter for Maureen en route.
I love the overcast skies of showery spring days. Each droplet of rain seems luminous and full of promise. The grass gleams in the vernal light.
We all love to wander through The Forest. How beautiful it is there, with the birches clad in spring green. The young leaves shimmer as pinky giraffe-patterned clouds move mysteriously across the sky.

Everything pulsates with a sense of waiting. The feeling of growing, ('growyness' as Necky B. calls it), pervades the atmosphere.

*Not to be missed out, big sister Nexi asked me to include this little 'decoupage' she has created from Necky Becky's picture.
(Girth's just hollered across the room that we've not included a view of he and Nektareeni's Gleeful & Greedy Restaurant! There's a special story to tell you about that next time ...)
Happy Spring!