Sunday, 21 April 2013

Waitering at the Gleeful & Greedy!

My apologies, dear bloggy friends, for recently keeping you waiting with blog posts and comments: while you've been waiting - I've been waitering!
On top of my already busy schedule running Giraffe World Tours, I've been helping out at the Gleeful & Greedy Restaurant at their busiest times.

As many of you know, the very popular Gleeful and Greedy is situated in Neckelchester Village, and is owned by my sister Nektareeni and her partner Girth.

Talented and good-natured Girth does everything to do with the cooking, including inventing all the delectable recipes.
Glamorous Nektareeni is the expert on wine.
I'm hopeless at both, and a little clumsy too. However, I seem to amuse the customers... (Oh dear - I've just thought - maybe they think I am a comedy act rather than a waiter!)

The real act of the evening is when Nektareeni gets up and sings.
*Her favourite song is 'They call me Nektareeni.' Do click on the title to be transported to an evening at the Gleeful & Greedy!