Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spotlight on Giraffe Attire

I've been pondering how customs, fashions and social style develop in our attire.
Some items of clothing or accessories start with a very pragmatic use. Take, for instance, the humble tyre. Initially invented to facilitate transport, we giraffes discovered it was also useful for learning to swim. A few tyres worn round our long necks kept us afloat as youngsters until we had mastered the crawl!
However, as the above fashion magazine picture (from our teenage daughter Nexi's bedroom) illustrates, what began sensibly has now become a rather ridiculous fashion accessory. Nexi, of course, disagrees vehemently with me! (At least I never have to carry a spare when she's on the bus with us!)
I wonder how many fashions begin completely unintentionally?
In my last post I had hoped to develop something that had begun as a grooming faux pas into a stylish fashion statement!
I had worried that you might all think I was standing for UK Prime Minister ... My fears were unfounded ... no-one even noticed! At first I thought you were all being polite. Then I realized, of course, you were all focussed on Derrick's lovely photos!
So here I go again - under the spotlight!

Before you all think I've gone totally neccentric, let me explain that this is all the result of reading a wonderful post by The Weaver of Grass entitled 'Is it just me?'