Sunday, 21 April 2013

Les Choses Ordinaires de Raph

Back in the mists of time, (on Tuesday the 10th of March!) Chris Hale , the wonderful wordsmith of Middenshire, tagged me. I am here at long last doing his bidding: listing six things or habits of no real importance about myself ...

Six Choses Ordinaires de Raph

1 It is so quiet here where we live, that at night I can hear the snails chewing.

2 I love eating bananas.

3 I frequently get wonderful new business ideas ...

4 My hot water bottles all have names. (Do you give yours names too?) This one is called Toastie.

5 I have an alter-ego! The mischievous Prankman Cheng - this is another example of Middenshire influence! (You can read about it here).

6 On average, it takes giraffes two attempts to pass their driving test. It took me four. Most giraffes have 2 or 3 types of car in mind to choose from. When I passed my test, I read every brochure in our local McShyne Motors, and then bought the car I had in mind ten years before! (The most important thing is a good neck-rest).


So, dear bloggy friends - at last I have fulfilled my tag! Now I must link back to Chris Hale of The Middenshire Chronicles. (I know I did that earlier but the link here will take you to his current post). The tag consists of listing six things or habits of no real importance about yourself. I will leave this open for six people to take up, as I know it went round in March, and I can't remember who did it then! So if you would like to take up this tag, let me know - and have fun!