Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Giraffaway Winners!

Littl' Nicky was full of anticipation as we made our way to the kitchen at noon yesterday for the Giraffaway draw!

Our eldest daughter Nexi had neatly written all the entrants' names on pieces of paper and dropped them into our favourite teapot. Littl' Nicky was bouncing around with nexcitement as Maureen placed the teapot on a little stool so he could reach into it to draw the first winning name.

Closing his eyes he picked a piece of paper out of the teapot. "Oooooh - Nummy One!" he squealed.

"Here!" called Nexi, "I'll read it out - Number One - BT The Crafty Gardener!"

There was a round of applause, and Maureen and I did a little dance.

Maureen gave the teapot a vigorous shake, and Littl' Nicky reached into the pot. "Nummy Two!"

There was a loud shriek from Nexi as something wet and soggy landed in her hand. It was a teabag!

"Oh, Necky Becky, you were supposed to empty and dry the teapot!" chided Maureen.

Necky Becky glared and looked sulky.

Littl' Nicky put his hand into the pot again, and this time pulled out another slip of paper. "This is Nummy Two and I can read it, Mummy," he called delightedly, "It says 'Janet'!"

We all cheered again.

"This next one is the last one!" called Maureen.

"Nummy Three" said Littl' Nicky, pulling another slip out of the teapot.

Nexi peeled open the soggy paper.
"Dad, there are two slips here - stuck together with the wet!"
"A nextra prize, a nextra prize!" chanted Littl' Nicky joyfully.
Maureen looked at the pieces of paper. "This is thanks to Necky Becky not emptying the tea - we have four lucky winners instead of three!"

Necky Becky's sulky face lit up with a big smile.

"Number Three, Barbara Martin!" she yelled, "And Number Four, Heather!"
So here we are - congratulations to the four lucky winners of our first Giraffaway! I will be contacting you to organize the intergalactic dispatch of the giraffe cards you have chosen.

Thank you to all dear bloggy friends who entered, it's been great fun and I'm sure this will be the first of many Giraffaways at Necky Knoll House!