Sunday, 21 April 2013

Happy Birthday Weaver of Grass, and Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

Happy Birthday to our dear bloggy-friend the Weaver of Grass!

(Did you know, Weaver, that you were the first human to comment on my blog!)
Here Maureen and I and Littl' Nicky are strolling down one of our favourite lanes past the tall barn at the edge of the Wood. There's a lovely Autumn feel in the air, and the breeze is swishing through the trees. The Wood beckons and we lift our necks in glee knowing we have a lovely walk ahead of us.

And Happy Hallowe'en to everyone!

Here's a special 'spooky' picture, taken in our Forest. (Necky Becky wanted to be on this one!) Our trees like to dance before the moon, and we'll soon be having our Hallowe'en party! (We haven't a clue what Hallowe'en is about, but all you dear bloggy friends seem to enjoy it, so we thought we'd stick our necks out and celebrate it too!).