Sunday, 21 April 2013


Tom Atkins' lovely poem 'Ivy' set me thinking about my favourite ivy, Goldheart. (Hedera helix 'Goldheart' if you like your Latin!)

As well as admiring the plant, I've always loved the name. Goldheart! Heart of Gold ... It conjures up all good things: kindness, generosity, loyalty, inner beauty, love.

My train of thought has continued on to remember the many 'Goldhearts' in my life.
I am keenly aware of the recession and economic trials currently on planet Earth, so my focus has been on people who have helped me at times of extreme economic pressure in my own life.
When Maureen and I have gone through hardship, unable even to buy food, there have been Goldhearts. Folk who have brought provisions ... It has seemed quite significant that these were not often from the comfortably off or the wealthy. On the contrary, many could be referred to as the 'have nots'. Yet they shared what they had: half a loaf of bread ... some fruit ... cereal ...
In those dark times they shone like beacons - and they will always continue to do so in my memory and in my heart.
Sometimes it is a word of encouragement or affirmation that is given. When my neck is wilting at the obstacles on a chosen path, the word 'Yes!' can make me stand up straight and stick my neck out for my dreams once more!

'Yes, I know you will make it through!' ... 'Yes, you have what it takes!'
At other times what we may need to sustain us is beauty. Beauty in nature, inner beauty, the beauty of art.
One of my very favourite blog posts, which made me cry many tears of joy, is 'Beauty' by L. Rochelle at Two Ghosts.

Gold in the pocket is very nice . Gold in the heart is beyond price.

******One whole year of blogging!
On 3rd March I will have been blogging for a year! Most of you will not have read my earlier posts, as I didn't enable the Comments facility until around December. If you would like to read my first post, on March 3rd 2008, click on The Escape of a Giraffe Accountant!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the year - but by far the most fun has been meeting all of you wonderful bloggers, reading your posts and exchanging comments. Thank you dear bloggy friends!