Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lost - and safe - in a Tree!

What a night I had! Yesterday I was lost in the snow, wandering round and round in the mountains with no idea where I was going. It was such a comfort, having my Intergalactic mobile phone, and being able to communicate with my human bloggy and twitter friends! But I had no means of contacting my fellow giraffes to find my whereabouts.

I suddenly had the idea of climbing a tree. As a magnificent sunset shone all around me, I surveyed the landscape.

Nothing recognisable. Tired and weary, I was turning to climb down, when I saw a small green doorway. Beyond the open doors was a lovely little room, with food, a warm cosy bed, and even some books. Oh bliss, oh safety! I had found one of the resting-houses created by our rambling tree-giraffes!

'Thank you', I sighed. I climbed gratefully into bed, and drifted off to sleep.