Monday, 22 April 2013

Interviewed by Willow!

What an honour! I am being interviewed by Willow!

Pondering Willow's questions during the small hours gave me much food for thought and I filled several sheets of paper with my ruminations ... I've cut out a lot of my giraffe waffle and streamlined my answers to blog-size!
At the end of the post I will give an invitation to you, fellow bloggers, to be interviewed by me.
Here are Willow's wonderful interview questions!
1. How did you meet your inspiration, the lovely Ms. Maureen?

My first meeting with Maureen Treeging, my dear wife? Ah, now that is a whole story in itself! One that is complex, emotional and far too lengthy to be told in a few sentences. I will not spoil the story for you for the future; for now I give you the setting:

'On the wild Neckmoors north of Raffsburgh grows a forest ...'

2. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

The word 'perfect' makes this question particularly interesting! Lots of things make me 'ordinarily' happy, most of them quite simple, such as a nice cup of tea or a walk in the woods, and of course, the company of folk I love and like.

However, I see happiness more as a choice - and a very active state of mind, rather than a reaction to pleasant things. I desire what is often referred to as 'background happiness' - the state of being free from 'what if?' thoughts and niggly worries, even in worrying circumstances. This requires, (for me), a lot of hard graft, practise and mental discipline, but - oh yes - it does work! Gradually ...

Then there are those transcendent moments of happiness, which are closest to perfection ... those unbidden 'glimpses' - when suddenly there is an upsurge of pure joy, a bubbling of a kind of golden fountain that seems to rise from within. Difficult to describe, but you'll know what I mean if you get them too!

3. What is your most marked characteristic?

My neck? Probably, to humans - although in Giraffe World it is very commonplace!

Or maybe my perpetual expression of bemused intelligence??
4. Other than your loved ones, what is your most treasured possession?

I appreciate and enjoy all my many possessions, but those things I treasure most I do not 'possess'. You cannot hold them, I feel they kind of flow through you and multiply by sharing; hope, love, affection, encouragement, inspiration and humour - oh yes, exuberant, gleeful humour!
(And I am very fond of my new telescope!)

5. What is your motto?

'Stick Your Neck Out For Your Dreams!'

Or in its longer version: 'Giraffitude! finding out who you are and sticking your neck out for your dreams with integrity, respect for others and gleeful fun!'

Thank you for interviewing me, Willow!
Here are the directions;
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3.You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Go on - stick your neck out and dare ... I'll be nice to you!
Do, please still leave comments, even if you don't want to be interviewed - I love your comments!