Sunday, 21 April 2013

Giveaways for me - Giveaways for you!

I'm really nexcited! I've won two giveaways: beautiful bookmarks by Bindu and a lovely shell photograph by Country Girl, and eagerly await their appearance at the Secret Portal behind the Cacti! I will feature them on my blog when they arrive.

And another cause for nexcitement at Necky Knoll House is that Maureen and I have launched an Interneck shop for our giraffe cards, which we have called Giraffe Greetings!

Our IT nexpert, Nekky Tekky, has set up a special intergalactic portal, which means we are not limited to serving giraffes in our Camelopardalis constellation, but can nextend our services to planet Earth.

Inspired by the giveaways of my fellow bloggers, we thought it would be fun to celebrate in bloggyland with a special greeting card giraffaway - a gift of four giraffe cards each to three bloggy friends!

If you'd like the chance to win four of our giraffy cards, here's how: decide which four cards from our Giraffe Greetings shop you like best, and leave me a comment with their titles. On Sunday at noon GWT, (Giraffe World Time), I will put your names on folded bits of paper into my favourite teapot, and let Littl' Nicky pick out three.

The three winners will be published on the blog, so you can then let me know where to send your cards!

Whoopee - I think this is a reason for another party!