Monday, 22 April 2013

Garden Design - Giraffe Style! (Part One)

Our toddler Littl' Nicky announced this morning that he wanted to help with our yearly garden planning. I suggested a stroll outside, as it was a bright day. He led the way on a grand tour of the environs of Necky Knoll House. There was such a lot to see ... I sometimes make the mistake of thinking there's not much going on in a garden at this time of year - Littl' Nicky does not. He missed nothing!

With regard to the design of a giraffe garden, I suspect ours have a slightly taller emphasis than yours, dear bloggy friends. We often juxtapose low ground-cover with very high planting, which could possibly look a little out of balance in a human garden.

Littl' Nicky has asked me to show you a picture of his best sunflower from last summer. It grew very happily by our back porch, flourishing under his conscientious watering and friendly chatter.

While looking for Littl' Nicky's sunflower picture, I came across some old photographs I had almost forgotten. Many years ago I took a part-time course in Horticulture at Raffsburgh College. (Such a rapturous and necessary contrast to work, during my accounting years!) One of our tasks was to create our own garden. Each student was allocated a long strip of land, half of which was to be planted with specified vegetables, with the other half left to our budding designer imaginations! All herbaceous plants and vegetables had to be grown by us from seed.

I leave you with this photograph of my plot at the glorious digging stage. Ah, the smell of the turned earth as it thudded off my garden fork - I remember it all!
Next post - the finished design! (Can you bear to wait?)
NB: Note to my bloggy friends: Thursday - I'm having trouble with my Interneck connection at present so please be patient regarding the next post - Garden Design Part Two. I had intended to publish it today!