Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wolliecobblies: Comments cause a Haiku!

One of the things I so love about blogging is how it creatively and humorously brings together people from all over the world, (and beyond!).

I hadn't intended to post for a couple of days, but this 'thread' just had to be woven into the fabric of the blogosphere immediately!

In my previous post I suggested that folk have fun thinking of a caption for Littl' Nicky's speech bubble. If you go to the Comments you will see how this evolved ...
Bindu suggested for the caption, 'It's good to eat, but also good to toss into the air and catch!'

I responded by saying 'Catch the cauliflower would be a good new sport! Or using raquets, a bit like badminton, but with cauliflower florets ...'

The Weaver of Grass commented, 'As for the speech bubble, I am guessing he cannot speak all that well yet and feel he might be saying "more wolliecobblies".'

My response to Weaver's glorious word 'wolliecobblies' included noting 'I wonder if it could be incorporated into a haiku?' (If you read Weaver's recent posting you will see some of her beautiful haikus there).

The brilliant Sepiru Chris (also an accomplished Haiku writer - see his recent posts), wrote 'You ask, I deliver:' and sent the haiku which he had written!

I'll type it again here just in case the text isn't clear in the speech bubble:

Wolliecobblies haiku:

Serve wolliecobblies.
Follow with eyes; swing racket!
Thwack; microflorets.

Thank you for putting your necks together in this way, my wonderful bloggy friends! My thanks also to all of you who commented and came up with fun captions - do please read them all in the previous post's Comments ...