Sunday, 21 April 2013

A party to remember - and still rockin'!

Thank you, all my dear human bloggy friends, for your lovely birthday wishes! We've had a party long even by giraffe standards ... The culmination was a necktacular performance by the Stiffnex band at dawn on Tuesday. Have you ever seen about a hundred giraffes doing air guitar? We danced, we sang, we celebrated until the morning mists lifted.

Now I'm resting, but still rocking!

Allow me to show you my wonderful birthday present from Maureen and the kids - a beautiful new rocking chair! It's just the right height for my neck, and makes a lovely creaking noise.

Our eldest daughter Nexi made the cushion, with giraffes and ice-creams stamped all over it with rainbow coloured fabric dyes.

She also stamped a special design on the headrest, featuring me with our youngest child Littl' Nicky. I am depicted sitting on my old rocking chair, (the one I left outside in the rain too often!!).

Ah, dear bloggy friends, wouldn't it be marvellous if my new rocker was a magic chair which could fly up to a secret portal between our Giraffe World and your planet Earth, and ferry you through the clouds to Necky Knoll House to help us eat the rest of the cakes!