Sunday, 21 April 2013

Garden Design - Giraffe Style! (Part Two)

As Littl' Nicky helped me dig this morning, I benefitted from his untrammelled imagination as he chattered about his ideas for summer planting themes!

He was eager to help me sort my photographs for today's post. Yes! Our Interneck connection is restored - I can publish again ...

Having concluded my previous post with a photo of my plot freshly dug and ready to overwinter, I will begin with another side-view.

Here we have the specified vegetables to the right, and my emerging garden design on the left.

Now, follow me round to the front of the design ...
*The following photo is actually two photographs stuck together, (small pre-digital camera!!) I've 'healed' the join but it is still a little visible.

Your first view of a Giraffe Garden in progress! High nibbleable trees and the beginnings of the summer display of mixed planting with food, fragrance and colour.

You may be wondering how I contrived to grow tall trees so swiftly - I did not ... These are very long prunings from willows. I merely stuck them in the ground in the early winter to root and grow leaves. Instant height from material which would otherwise have been discarded.

A closer look at the fence reveals more willow. I chose different coloured stems to weave into the pattern, and echoed the colours in the planting scheme.

I love warm shades of orange, yellow and red in flowers and foliage. The path to the little seating area was edged with white ageratum and zaluzianskya capensis for heavenly perfume. Close to the fence grew taller leaf beet rhubarb chard, bronze fennel and up against the willow trees I planted sunflowers - Helianthus 'Pastiche'.

Carrying on the theme of mixed food and decorative plants, you can see lettuce 'Lollo Rossa' and 'Sangria' among the marigolds. Part of our task as students was to grow our own plants from seed in the college glasshouses, giving us the rewarding experience of tending our plants right from their beginnings.

Amaranthus caudatus 'Crimson', Basil 'Purple Ruffles' and Antirrhinum 'Black Prince' continue the colour scheme in a cascade of height and colour.
I loved my little plot! All summer we tended and watered our handiwork, and when the course came to an end, it was a real wrench to leave. Happy memories indeed!
So, my friends ... your introduction to Giraffe Gardening. I hope you have enjoyed the experience!

NB: I've just read a beautiful and evocative garden poem by Tom Atkins at Summit Manor - call over there and read it!